2010-06-19 Driver’s Log

Location: Motorsports Ranch – Cresson, TX,

Track Configuration: 1.7CW

Vehicle: 1990/93?, 1.6L Miata Turbo, rented from Keith Verges

School: Apex Driving School

Run Group: Novice

First day on a track ever.  What a cool day!  We had 6 sessions on the track, 20 minutes each.  Basic format of the day was:

Session 1: Full Course Yellow, skill drills:  Slalom course, and a threshold braking J-turn.  Each drill was setup with cones on one straight.

Session 2: Full Course yellow, drive the line (slow, no passing).

Session 3: Full Course Green, Instructor ride-along (3 laps), student drive remaining time.

Sessions 4,5,6: Full-course green.  Student drive.

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